Who is the Co. in Pania & Co.

Pania & Co.

Co. Meaning company.  But in this instance it has no reference to any business model.  Instead this is my way of paying homage to all the people in my life that have helped me. In small things and large. And in a bazillion different ways.  From skills, to resources, to support.

From all my dear friends who have been the recipients of my various creations over the years – You all kept me making things I liked to make.  Graciously accepting them, wearing them and loving them.  You got me started.

Sali Crocker – you gave me a bunch of crafting kit that I still use today including stamps and paper.  You also inspired me with your ginormous “magic room”.  I wish mine was as large and well organised as yours!  (I’m working on it.)

Davida Simpson – you housed me many times and took great care of my Tohora (Pilot whale bone) taonga (treasure) for a few years while I gallivanted around the world.  You could have easily lost it or forgotten about it or fed it to your dog, but instead you took care of it until I was settled into a life that would allow me to revitalize the mauri (spirit) within it.  Thank you so much.

Katie Woodhouse – You are my primary life sponsor.  Knowing that I will use everything and not waste anything.

Aunty Susan – your ability to make so many things inspires me immensely.  I dream of sitting on the beach at Kapiti working away on some piece while watching the kids swim and talking deeply with other whaea.  You help me keep it all in real time.

Aunty Grace – you bought the first pair of earrings that got me believing I could make something people would want.  That was really the start.
Y’all here with me!

Shane Street (husband) – you back me.  You leave me to it.  You make it possible.

Pipi Mae Barrett – you taught me patience, to slow down and that not every project you take on can be finished in one sitting.

Coral McLean – for taking some of my jewelry and selling it in your shop.  Putting it our there in the world.  If it was left to me and my website skills I wouldn’t be getting very far in business.

This list could go on and on.

But for all you awesome humans out there helping me …..  I included you all in the title Pania & Co.

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  1. Love it… made with love and every piece is individually crafted. what an artist!! Xxx

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