Nga Ringaiti, Mahinui


Small hands for a big job.
Tohora (Whale bone) and copper ring.



Hands of all sizes can do any work. Out Tamariki (children) now have small hands, but the work they have ahead of them will be immense, as a future world facing them will be fraught with challenges. There now small hands are the tools the natural world and humanity will rely on.

There have been many lives lived and lost among the tides of Kapiti Island. Some stories began, and others ended on those tides. There was a prolific whale industry on Kapiti in the 1800’s, ending many lives. Some flourished through these times. From all this death, came my great-great grandfather. Te Kakakura Parata was born of the union between a Maori princess and a Pakeha Whaler.
So too was lost, the life of this TOHORA. Washed ashore at Kapiti Island in 2016

Ring size approx. R


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